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We are happy to announce that finally the end is in sight for the captive lion breeding industry in South Africa.

The Environment Minister had initiated a policy process for South Africa to ban intensive captive breeding of lions and rhino’s, captive lion hunting and trade in captive lion parts. This is a real victory in the battle we have fought the last couple years.

because things are going so well in South Africa and our team is currently traveling to other parts of the world, we found a new mission we want to focus on.

We from Moomba Foundation are a small organization, but we try to make a difference for as many animals as possible, within our reach.

With our new board member Lara Seveke we have started a new mission; helping the street dogs and cats on Bali.


We are living in strange times. While the end is near for the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, a terrible war has started in Europe. Russia has attacked Ukraine, People are evacuating from their homeland and most people have to leave everything behind, including their pets.

Our hearts go out to all the people and animals in urgent need.
We are glad to see that many organizations, and individuals, are now focussing on helping the Ukrainian animals. This is an urgent matter that deserves all the media attention and help possible. We choose to assist whenever needer, however we are focussing on the animals that are also in need in other parts of the world. We will elaborate on this in our mission

Of course everyone is focused on the war, but let us not forget that other parts of the world are still struggling with the pandemic.

Bali, Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations and we have made a few trips to the island. If you have ever visited the island you may have seen the horrendous suffering of the stray dogs and cats.

Everyday, the numbers of stray dogs and cats across Bali are increasing, meaning the struggle to survive increases for all. Battling for food and dealing with affliction like mange, ticks, fleas and worms.

These animals are generally unloved, and often traumatized from abuse.

During the pandemic, the island was closed for tourists. 70% of the population depend on tourism, so you can image it was a hard blow for the locals; extensive job and income losses.

And because of that, the hardship of Bali’s dogs and cats also got much worse, with many others still needing rescue.

We believe we can save more animals if we join forces with local foundations with the same mission, instead of seeing them as a competition.

During our past mission we have seen foundations, organizations and sanctuaries with the same goal, saving animals, treat each other as competition, who can raise the most money and who can rescue more animals/who is better.

That is why we made partners with Little Steps Matter. Together we wish to save more, and with your help we can.

During our stay last year, we helped to re-home dumped puppies, and giving them a new foster home.

Before the pandemic, Little Steps Matter found a dumped puppy once a month, in the area she operates. Now, puppies and kittens get dumped everyday. The locals do not know what to do when their dog/cat is pregnant and what to do with the babies, so they just dump them on the streets.

There are so many dogs and cats who need medical care and a new home, growing by the day. So we thought it would be best to look for a piece of land with a big house to give them a temporarily home and also use it for animals who are not suitable for adoption.

At last, Little Steps Matter finally found the dream house. It is quiet and peaceful, ideal for rescues to decompress and rehabilitate. A house that provides a home environment with 5 rooms and a large garden for animals that are considered un-adoptable because of old age or disability to live out the rest of their lives.

A big outdoor area which we are able to fence off and turn into a play ground and a meeting point to welcome volunteers and a nearby community to hold sterilization and education events.

But to set up the place and to get it running we need your support! by the end of April 2022 we need to raise funds for the yearly rent, renovations, fencing for the dogs play ground and the cats outdoor terrace, dog secured gates, dogs and cats equipment such as beds, houses, bowls, toys and cleaning tools.

To ensure the animals are well taken care off at all times, we would also like to employ 3 local Indonesians to live alongside our rescues.

Help us to give many more a new beginning. From our hearts to yours, thank you.

Stichting Moomba Foundation

Kvk-nummer: 64601269

RSIN: 855738832
Molenbeekstraat 37-1
1078 XB Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Stichting Moomba Foundation

Kvk-nummer: 64601269

RSIN: 855738832
Molenbeekstraat 37-1
1078 XB Amsterdam, the Netherlands