Emoya big cat sanctuary

Is very well organized and has a great big cat volunteer program. This project rescued 33 lions from Peru and also has 2 other lion prides and 2 rescued tigers. It is located on a big property, where you can have a nice game drive. To meet the two founders, mother Minunette and daughter Savannah, is very inspiring and you can learn a lot from them. If you like to visit this project for a day you have to make an appointment.

Vervet Monkey Foundation

An awesome vervet monkey volunteer program. They care for about 500 vervet monkeys, and every year around November- January it is ‘baby season’ and they receive a lot of orphan baby vervets. Volunteers take care of these babies till they are about 3 months when it is time to introduce them to their foster moms. During your stay here you learn a lot about Vervet monkeys and about the human-wildlife conflict. The story of the two founders Dave and Josi du Toit is also very inspiring. If you like to visit for a day, also here, you have to make an appointment first.

C.A.R.E centre for animal rehabilitation and education

Great baboon volunteer program. Very nice to see these awesome people work with these incredible animals. After spending some time here I definitely appreciate baboons more. For a day visit, please make an appointment.

Love, Lions, Alive

A very nice new lion volunteer program. Awesome to meet the ‘LionQueen’; the program on animal planet. Inspiring to here her story of how and why she started this project. For a day visit, please make an appointment.


This big cat sanctuary is also part of Monkeyland and Birds of Eden, so when volunteering, you also volunteer at these parks. I personally do not like the way they treat the monkeys and birds there and am eager to find out how volunteers experienced these places. Please contact me if you have done volunteer work here or know of someone who has. But Jukani is a great sanctuary and is open for day tours and an appointment is not necessary.

Drakenstein lion park

Is an award winning and internationally acclaimed sanctuary for captive born lions that cannot be rehabilitated into the wild. Day tours without appointments and they have an

unique volunteer program which gives you the opportunity to become a part of their team of dedicated animal care givers and experience the day to day running of a lion sanctuary, working for the animals and not with them.


Why this is a great place to visit or volunteer is because it doesn’t matter what animal species it is, if Tenikwa gets a call of an animal in need they come and rescue him. And as a volunteer you get the privilege to work with these animals and nurture them back to health and release them back into the wild when possible. If this is impossible to re-wild them again, Tenikwa will provide a forever home for the animal. As a one-day visitor you can book a tour and during this tour they show you all their ambassador animals and teach you more about them and educate you about conservation and human and animal conflicts. Day tours without appointment possible.

Hycacinth Haven Sanctuary

Contact for day visit, a great place to see some beautiful birds and get a tour by the owners who speak so passionate about them.


Very nice volunteer program, you can join their team for a minimum of 4 weeks, helping with many critical aspects of their animals welfare and the smooth running and maintenance of the sanctuary. They are also open for public and a have great lodge to just stay for a few days and enjoy the animals.

Tritrikamma Wolf Sanctuary

Ethical wolf volunteer program. It is not known if there are a lot of wolfs in Africa in the wild, but they are used as pets or for protection peoples property. Only wolfs are not easy to get ‘tam’ and that is why those people want to get rid of them. This project understands these animals and how they live and give them a forever home. Also open for day tours on appointment.

Brackenburn Crew

Stands for Conservation, Rehabilitation, Education, and Wildlife. They do guided walks; work with various kids groups and have a rehab center. You get hands-on experience of what terrestrial bird rehabilitation is all about in their volunteer program. It is set up for those already involved in wildlife or conservation-related work, work as an animal keeper, studying a wildlife/conservation related subject, veterinary practice, involved in education or work at a relevant institute. Guided walks on appointments.

Global White Lion Trust

This is a very interesting volunteer project by Linda Tucker. The WLT focuses on conservation through sustainable development, with particular emphasis on community participation, education and cultural upliftment. It is a once in a lifetime experience, contributing to the efforts of Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT). Help realize their objective on re-establishing and protecting white lions in their natural habitat in the Greater Timbavati region. Not open for one day visitors.

Twala trust animal sanctuary

This is a great sanctuary for animals and birds which are rescued all over Zimbabwe. From Lions to meerkats, donkeys to owls. Open for one day visitors on appointment and they have a great volunteer program and work hands-on with all their rescued animals.