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Based in one of Bali’s biggest regencies Tabanan, we are committed to improve the health of animals in our area Kediri. Since 6 years we are now working our way through from one village to the next to feed, treat and sterilize as many street dogs and cats as possible while educating local pet owners about their animals needs at the same time.

Always, when we step into a new village we know we are confronted with more challenges of animals in desperate need of help. And just recently we discovered again another of those untouched areas where there was no help offered ever before.

This village is the one where we rescued Matilda and Osi from, just to give you a better idea of how saddened the situation in this area really is.

Stepping into a new village means for us to firstly build trust with it’s people, engage with them through repeated visits and dedication. While going from house to house to register dogs and cats for our mass spay and neuter events, we introduce our animal welfare programs, provide education to local owners and free medical treatment for their pets. Mostly we are warmly welcomed.

What follows next is that the word that we are supporting, always spreads quickly and many more people of the community or their family members approaching us, asking if we can help their animals too.

Prior our monthly mass spay and neuter day we are spending a lot of time in the village we are holding the event. As we all know change doesn’t happen over night, our work doesn’t finish here after only one visit.

Once we have spayed and neutered the registered animals, we move on to another new village, while scheduling our return the month after for follow ups but also to continue what we started here.

It is always this back and forth, but in our experience over the many years we are helping, this is how we make the biggest, long lasting change for the animals in this specific community.

Your support and especially your monthly sponsorship through Patreon, allows us to help all those animals that are in urgent need of sterilization, food and medical relief. Not all of them make it on our social media feed, simply because there are too many which most of them are suffering the same conditions, but believe us when we say that YOU are helping us to save hundreds of lives every day.

So please accept our gratitude and thanks for being by our side and supporting us to move forward with our mission one village at a time. <3