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Time does not stand still for anyone, and the Ubuntu team has been putting in a lot of hours and hard work under a scorching African sun the past few weeks.
Frits and his teams have been working non stop on camp construction for the predators to be relocated from Argentina to South Africa. Their progress is exceeding all expectations and it is amazing to witness. The reserve is an ants nest of activity with tractors and trailers transporting poles, fence ,concrete etc, a water tanker, several teams planting poles, erecting fences, building nightshelters…the list goes on and on.
Fencing of Camp 1 is complete, access gate installed and the nightshelter almost complete.
We are only waiting for the energisers and electrical materials to be delivered to complete camp 1.
Camp 2 is also already in process of being fenced and poles are being planted for the other 6 camps.

Additional to all of this, is the arrival of our first volunteers early November and Santie, Karen and Ria are busy with preparations, the chalets have been fitted with airconditioning, schedules are worked out etc.

Amazing how this internationally combined effort is tirelessly working to rescue the Argentina predators, with Danny and Lacey in the Uk, Maxine in the Netherlands, Natasja and her team in Argentina and the rest of the team in SA, Lukas on Legal and Finances, Jurg and Frits with camp development and construction and Santie, Karen on volunteer planning etc….a globally dedicated and committed wildlife rescue team, fearlessly working on rescuing the Argentina lions, tigers and ligers.

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