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Hello dear animal lovers!
A quick note from me, Lara Seveke. I would like to introduce myself to you, being one of the “faces of..” our foundation.

Little explanation needed: I love animals, I would say A LOT.

Being born and raised in The Netherlands is such a privilege, we hardly see homeless animals on the streets, suffering, dehydrated and sick.

Little did I know when I started traveling (at a young age, so with my parents) that this seemed to be ”more than normal” in foreign countries. Yes I was young and unaware, but I knew I had to do something about it.

My mom gave me a bunny rabbit when I was 6 years old, and this is how I learned to take care of an animal, I learned about feeding, cleaning, doctors, love and unfortunately death. It taught me that every animal matters, and that – with good care – animals can live a very long and happy life.

My rabbit passed away when he was 11 years old, which was sad but he lived a happy life. To know that there are a lot of animals suffering, because people are not educated about the care of animals, kills me.

I believe, if we teach the children at a young age, about the importance of our ecosystem, the environment, the animals and that all are connected, we can make a huge impact. It all starts with education! Let our foundation be a part of this, let us make a change, and be a part of a new generation who will take care of eachother, including animals!