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Maxine Prins


Lara Seveke


Tom Wisman


Luna de Rooij

Vice president

Our motivation to start this foundation began in 2015 where a little girl, the chairman of the foundation Maxine Prins, was disappointed in the Dutch schooling system that let her down in her dream to become a vet. When she couldn’t get a seat to study, she decided to do volunteer work with lions at the Lion-Park in Johannesburg in South-Africa.

Two years after that, she discovered the involvement of the Lion-Park in the canned hunting industry. She was very upset, because she thought she had contributed to a better life for those animals. Maxine went back to South-Africa to follow wildlife courses and learned more about that awful industry and what that did with the captured animals.

During one of her courses she found a young white lion cub, Elsa, in a neglected closed-down park. Maxine was able to rescue Elsa from a certain death. She was able to replace her in safe sanctuary. After this rescue, she decided to dedicate her life to save more animals and incorporated the Moomba Foundation.

We believe that all animal lives matter, so the Moomba Foundation doesn’t want to focus on just one species or mission. From the start of the foundation till now we have focused on the well-being of wild animals living in captivity. The aim was to create the best living conditions for all these animals, who are already unprivileged not to live in the wild, where they should be.

We wanted to show the world the truth about the cruelties of the canned hunting industry. We are happy to announce that hat finally the end is in sight for the captive lion breeding industry in South Africa. The Environment Minister has initiated a policy process for South Africa to ban intensive captive breeding of lions and rhino’s, captive lion hunting and trade in captive lion parts.

This is a real victory in the battle we have fought the last couple years. Because of this, and because our team is currently traveling more to the other parts of the world, we have found a new mission we want to focus on.

During our travels to Africa the past years, and visiting many sanctuaries, foundations and other animal organizations, we have seen it’s often a battle who is better, and who raises more money even when fighting the same fight against animal cruelty or having the same goal.

Our goal is to unite all these organizations that committed to animal welfare, all over the world. There are so many good organizations, why not support each other?

That is why we have joined forces with the organization Little Steps Matter ( , an NGO in Bali.

We are a small foundation but we try to rescue as many animals in need. And we think we can save more if we work together with other foundations.

Financial responsibility


The Moomba Foundation does not receive any funds from any government and is therefore totally depending on donors.

The Moomba Foundation is transparent with the received donations and her expenses. Please see our yearly report for annual financial statements, approved by our accountant, Mr. Wim Hauer.

Remuneration policy

We only work with volunteers and do not have paid employees nor paid board members.

Articles of association

Please find our foundation’s articles of association here.

Stichting Moomba Foundation

Kvk-nummer: 64601269

RSIN: 855738832
Molenbeekstraat 37-1
1078 XB Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Stichting Moomba Foundation

Kvk-nummer: 64601269

RSIN: 855738832
Molenbeekstraat 37-1
1078 XB Amsterdam, the Netherlands